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  • Charset : utf-8
  • Extension : tn
  • Site Language : en
  • Site Code Types : css,
  • Compress Html Size : 4 Kb
  • Html Size : 5 Kb
  • Html Version : html3
  • Not Recommended Tags : header, nav, article, figure, figcaption, footer
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  • Site Server : Apache
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  • Content-Length5655
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  • DateThu, 10 Nov 2016 21:45:33 GMT
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  • class10
  • href7
  • src2
  • alt2
  • rel1

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  • head1
  • body1
  • div8
  • ul2
  • a7
  • header1
  • img2
  • figcaption2
  • span2
  • strong1

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  • index.html
  • index.html
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  • more.html
  • Commissaire_aux_Comptes.html
  • index-5.html

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  • http://www.templatemonster.com
  • http://www.whitepages.tn